Once upon a time there was Mimì Maglio who, in a happy day of his life, decided to open a haberdasher’s shop, desirous to continue the family business started by his grandfather, pedlar of hats and umbrellas, continued with a lot of passion by his father .
The adventure of dad Mimì, started on April 23td 1953. Time in which the American dream was expended: a lot of molesi (the inhabitants of my grandfather’s town Mola di Bari) started their journey to the American Lands, looking for a new world, looking for the fortune always dreamed to win sadness and misery. Daddy, seller of dreams, offered them trunks and luggage, so that they could contain all the most precious they had: Mola, their childhood memories, the sea and country smells, their mum’s embraces. In the tale of my life there is also Mother Maria, who shared with my father not only affection and tenderness, but also the passion for the work. The haberdasher’s shop has always been the way to express dreams, fantasy, and desire to communicate with people.

Then, mum thought to introduce new items, convinced by the idea that family was the centre of existence. The babies and children’s items, and the household linen articles were born. And I was born too, Francesca, between laces and golden sheets. How couldn’t I love my family, home and its furniture? Daddy’s and Mum’s hands conducted me on a way that, since I was child, have represented my life and my world. Today Francesca has become a woman and her ideas have brought her to create and to give a hearth and a soul to her laces. So the production of handicrafts was born, testifying the ancient love for the people of Mola, everywhere in the world they live. That child, Francesca, who tenderly shake her father’s hand, is continuing the tradition
…And dreams become reality!